Watch Perennial’s new video for “Soliloquy For Neil Perry”

Northeast dance-punk/post-hardcore band Perennial released their new album In The Midnight Hour earlier this year (read the band's track-by-track breakdown for more), and they've now got a new video for "Soliloquy For Neil Perry." It embraces a similar aesthetic to the one on the album cover, as the band explains:

“Soliloquy For Neil Perry” is where we really went wild with the mid-60s garage rock aesthetic that pops up throughout ‘In The Midnight Hour’. Chris and I really got a kick out of piling on the fuzz bass and backwards guitar and wah-wah pedals. It was our chance to do a Beatles circa-1966 thing. We put together a video to match, sort of home-made and DIY but with lots of nods to the visual stuff we love — Blue Note LP covers, French New Wave movie posters, mid-century modern design. Keep an eye out for a cameo from the fourth member of Perennial.

Check the new video out below.

Perennial also have a new teal vinyl pressing of In The Midnight Hour up on their Bandcamp, and two upcoming shows: New Haven, CT's The Statehouse on August 11 with Kal Marks and Holyoke, MA's Race Street Live on August 29 with Bully.

Speaking of, Kal Marks have a new song out today and many other upcoming tour dates.