Watch UK math-pop band Delta Sleep’s video for new song “View To A Fill”

UK band Delta Sleep will follow 2018's Ghost City with a new album, Spring Island, on September 10 via the band's own Sofa Boy Records (pre-order). They recently released lead single "The Detail," and we're now premiering second single "View To A Fill" and its music video. "View To A Fill" combines math rock, indie pop, and emo in a way that sounds kinda like Minus The Bear jamming with The Progress, and they make it feel both nostalgia-inducing and fresh. The video was inspired by Tyler, the Creator, The Wizard of Oz, and The Sound of Music, as the band explains:

The idea came about after watching a few Tyler, The Creator videos. He uses a lot of backdrops in some of his videos which reminded me of old Hollywood film sets - classic films like The Wizard of Oz or The Sound of Music where they use massive painted backdrops to give the effect of a deep and endless landscape. And although this tends to look really unnatural and fake, there is a sort of otherworldly and magical charm to it that is something I wanted to explore.

Unsurprisingly we Delta Sleep have nowhere near the budget of any of those productions (lol), so the trick was to find a low budget / DIY way to create a similar effect. I found a website based in Taiwan that printed stock images onto fabric (the type of default images that you would find on a Windows 95 screensaver) and so we ordered 4 massive prints of them.

The main idea behind the video was for it to be a colourful playthrough video where each band member would have their own unique backgrounds and with a little bit of camera trickery we would all seem to be positioned within the same space.

Sort of like this really bad sketch:

Our bassist Dave’s girlfriend’s parents own a farm in the English countryside and so we figured we would film it there because it has loads of open space. What we didn’t prepare for however was the weather… and so as soon as we put the first screen up it started blowing in the wind and fell over completely. We had enough people on set to help with it but you can definitely tell in the video that the screens are blowing all over the place. And so that one moment where Dave’s screen blows over him was completely not meant to happen, but actually looked pretty cool and worked perfectly in the edit to mark the moment where the camera reveals what is beyond the background screens for the very first time.

The other thing we didn’t prepare for is that it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far and none of us wore any sunscreen. So you can definitely notice us getting gradually sunburnt as the video unfolds.

Check out the song and video below...

1. Water Fall
2. The Detail
3. View To A Fill
4. Planet Fantastic
5. Forest Fire
6. The Softest Touch
7. Old Soul
8. Dancing Music
9. Spun
10. Hotel 24
11. Contender
12. Water Rise