Wendy Williams Calls Out Aubrey O’Day Over Diddy Criticism

The talk show host suggested Danity Kane didn't continue in their success because they "weren;t listening to the maste.

For most of 2019, 's name was dragged through the media. The news of her divorce from was revealed along with rumors that he'd impregnated his longtime mistress., took a break from hosting her show to get her personal life in order, and was  and the public alike. Many believed that the experience would cause Williams to shift her often scathing remarks on her talk show, but the gossip queen is back in her groove and is as biting as ever.

It's been formally announced that will be returning with another season of Making The Band, and former cast member and Danity Kane singer. Aubrey has made repeated claims that Diddy abandoned Danity Kane, verbally abused group members, and. 

Wendy discussed the controversy on a recent episode of her show, beginning by calling Aubrey the "Beyoncé of Danity Kane." That was a warm opening, but within seconds the tide turned. "Aubrey, you know I like you, but I'm calling it like I see it," Williams said. "You're more successful at reality TV than you are with music. I  or Danity [Kane] song and that's real. Do you? Clap if you do." There were only a few audience members who responded before Williams went on to list the reality television shows Aubrey's been cast in.

Wendy Williams Calls Out Aubrey O'Day Over Diddy Criticism
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"So, she's good at that, but maybe not so much with the singing," Williams continued. "Listen, Aubrey, sour grapes. He might not have finished with Danity Kane but maybe that's because you all thought you were bigger than you really were and  Like I said before: was created by Puffy. She's a legend and an icon. Faith Evans. . Biggie Smalls. Janelle Monae. . . Where do you wanna go with this Aubrey? Get your facts."

Aubrey caught wind of Williams's words and made the talk show host an offer. "Ma, u got so much to say when I’m not sitting in front of you, why don’t you be a real one and run your mouth like this face to face. I dare you. I’ll clear my f*cking calendar. 😘"