Yann Brassard Releases A New Disco-Inspired Single “Overnight”

Canada-based singer and songwriter Yann Brassard announced the release of his brand new project titled “Overnight.” Except for just one beat used throughout the track, the remaining instruments are recorded with his mouth. The result is arguably his most ambitious and versatile project to date. Many of you may not be surprised as you may be aware of beatboxing but Yann’s style is different. His music does not sound like some progressive house music or dubstep with heavy elements. His music is inspired by 70’s pop and disco music which is kind of rare these days, filled with a slew of features and a heavy dose of catchy beats and intoxicating melodies.
Anyway, he managed to create a tune that makes you want to dance, where memorable melodies and electrifying rhythm get listeners on the floor.